Newsletter Snippets

About This Feature
Snippets are short lines of text that instruct our system to populate user-defined content into anywhere there is a snippet. This tool is particularly helpful for repetitive information or for newsletters that will be shared among multiple accounts.

How to Use This Feature
From the top menu in your MyNewsletterBuilder account, mouse over "Newsletters" and select "Snippets" in the drop down menu. You will be taken to the Newsletter Snippets page. There you’ll see the “Manage Snippets field, as well as a left side “Actions” menu that includes the option to create a new snippet.

If you have not created any snippets in your account, you will find three default items already installed. The stock snippets are customizable contact information fields, including #contact_data# (snippet that contains your photo and website), #contact_photo# (just your photo), and #contact_photo_HTML# (an HTML link to your contact photo).

Each snippet has already been linked to the information you used to set up your account, and will populate that information if inserted into a newsletter template.

[+] Edit Contact Info

[+] Add or Edit Snippet

[+] RSS Feed Snippets

Best Uses
Personalizing a newsletter by addressing the subscriber directly is a great use case. But, sometimes the information in a snippet can be blank. There is a really cool way to replace blank content with some default text - this works with all our snippets, for example: #first_name|"Friend"#.

This is an example using the snippet for the subscribers first name. IF that first name field is actually blank, the word "Friend" is displayed.

When creating content to be shared with multiple accounts, using snippets allows you to create a consistent look and format for the presentation of essential information, products, brand information and more. Including snippets for Name, Contact Information, and other important information will ensure that each of your sub-accounts presents their personal details in a uniform manner. You can also create product snippets to automatically populate product photos, prices, and links into your newsletters without having to recreate the presentation.