Reports: Opens

About This Feature
Opens are located on a newsletter report. To locate them, click on Reports --> Newsletter. Then look for the column titled “Opens,” these are listed for each sent newsletter that has been opened by at least one subscriber. This number indicates how many people opened your email.

How to Use This Feature
Click on the number under the opens column in your newsletter report. This will take you to the “opened report,” a more detailed analysis. On the opened report page, you will see the email addresses that have opened your newsletter and you will see how many times they opened your newsletter. You can navigate through more options using the “Actions” menu on the left side of the page. On the actions menu, you can view the newsletter summary, view subscriber data, copy subscribers or export the subscribers who opened your email. You can also click on a subscriber’s email address to edit their subscriber information.

[+] Go to Summary

[+] Subscriber Data

[+] Copy Subscribers

[+] Export Report

Best Uses
This feature allows you to track which readers are most engaged with your newsletter. It also lets you see how your newsletters perform in relation to one another. If one newsletter received a large number of opens and another did not, you can compare what is different about them. Or, if one newsletter caused a group of readers to open it, you could save that group of recipients as a separate subscriber group and email them to reward their participation. The people that repeatedly open your newsletters are the audience you most want to focus your attention on.