Account Settings

About This Feature
The Account Settings page is divided into six main sections, organized in a menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the title of any section to edit specific settings.

How To Use This Feature
Under "Account" in the main menu, select "Settings". On the next page, along the left-side menu, you will see the following options:

[+] Member Profile

[+] Content Editor

[+] Footer Options

[+] Tracking Analytics

[+] Social Networks

[+] Integrated Networks

Best Uses
Make sure you keep your information current in these settings. For example, the member settings feature keeps track of your website, your send and return email address, and your sender name. MNB pulls this information to populate your newsletter, so any changes you want to see on your newsletter will need to be reflected here.

Your settings enable you to track and integrate your email marketing with the rest of your marketing and online presence. The more comprehensive your approach is, the more effective you will be.