Smart Send vs. Manual Send

About This Feature
Once your email newsletter is ready to go it’s time to select your sending options. You have two: Smart Send and Manual Send. With Smart Send, you select the day you want to send and MNB sends the newsletter as soon as possible on that date. Manual send enables you to select the date and the specific time that your newsletter will send.

Please be aware that while we cannot guarantee sending times, we are confident that our sending system will normally be lightning fast, and delays will happen much less frequently with our system than most similar email platforms. It may happen at some point (as with any email sending service), and rest assured that when it does, we are adding more coal to the fire.

How to Use This Feature
To access your sending options, hover over “Newsletters” in the main menu and select “View.” In your list of newsletters, click “Send” next to the newsletter you wish to schedule. Once you are on the sending page, click on the drop down menu for “Method” under “Step 1: Scheduling Options” and choose either Smart Send or Manual Send.

[+] Smart Send

[+] Manual Send

Best Uses
To get your newsletters out quickly, same-day Smart Send is your best option. This enables MNB to fit your newsletter into the sending queue as soon as possible. Smart Send usually sends shortly after midnight for newsletters scheduled a day or more in advance, so you do not need to schedule a time for those wee hour deliveries.

There is some research indicating that arrival time matters in some email marketing campaigns. For those who like to send their newsletters at certain times of day, Manual Send is a great way to ensure that your newsletters arrive with optimum timing.