Marketing Round-Up September Edition

From time to time we like to point to our compatriots in marketing and all the awesome work they do. Recently we’ve loved these great works:

Who: Inc.
What: 6 Dos and Don’t When Sending Business Emails
Why: A lovely and easy-to-read infographic that contains great email marketing advice that every sender on the planet should follow. What’s not to love?

Who: Marketing Sherpa
What: 3 Tips to Improve Your Marketing From Doctor Who
Why: Beyond the sheer obviousness of this awesome concept, I loved the focus on being detail oriented in all aspects of marketing. 

Who: Hubspot via MarketingProfs
What: How to Overcome the ‘No Time to Create Content’ Challenge
Why: No matter how organized you are, finding time to create content is always a challenge and not only does this article discuss that challenge but they give some great motivation (charts! ROI!) to get moving on their great ideas.

Who: Inc.
What: 5 Benefits of Social Media Business Owners Need to Understand
Why: It’s basic information but contains all the essentials. You’ve got to love the power of an article that can boil a complex topic down into five easily explained points.

Who: Search Engine Watch
What: The Art of 6 Simple Questions
Why: What I love about this isn’t so much the idea of a Twitter conversation, but the idea that questions will lead conversations. It’s easy to get so caught up in telling your story that you forget that the best way to engage others is to find out about their story. This is a great reminder about the power of asking questions.