Marketing Round-Up October Edition

Listen, we’re good, but we’ve all got room to improve. We’re still learning more about email marketing every single day, and we want to share some of the places we go to do it. Kick back, put your feet up, and take a ride through round two of monthly marketing round-up.

Who: Inc.

What: 5 Tips for Sparking Creativity in Your Team

Why: MobiTV CEO, Charlie Nooney, offers 5 inspirational tips for getting the most creativity out of your team. Spoiler alert: You have to care, and you have to be real.

Who: MarketingProfs

What: How to Innovate Your Email Marketing: Unlock the Fourth Type of Campaign

Why: Once, long ago, Taco Bell gave us the Fourth Meal. Now, MarketingProfs introduces the Fourth Campaign! Well, the fourth type of campaign. Email keeps you more connected with your clients than ever before. Learn how to use that to your advantage.

Who: BeyondCurious

What: Robert Plant’s Rules for Brand Reinvention

Why: Rebranding your business or image is a sometimes necessary step in moving up to the next level. This article includes some great advice about how being adaptable and knowing your best assets can help you make the transition. Plus, Led Zeppelin is dope.

Who: Canva

What: 5 Ways To Pick Powerful Stock Photos for Your Design

Why: Pictures can really punch up your email newsletters, but finding the perfect image when you’re at the mercy of stock libraries isn’t always easy. Use these great tips to snag the perfect photo fit. While you’re there, just go ahead and read everything Canva has to offer. Your design will thank you.

Who: Marketing Sherpa

What: Email Data Hygiene: When You Know it’s Time to Break Up

Why: Yes, it’s another article about maintaining a clean, healthy subscriber list. And yes, we know we talk about this all the time. But, we talk about it all the time because it’s SUPER IMPORTANT. This article from the Sherp’ squad has lots of great info about knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to those pesky subs that just won’t play along. It won’t be easy, but it’ll the best Dear John letter you’ll ever write.