How to Grow Your Subscriber List Like a Champ

As we all know, there is a sportsmanly way to grow your email marketing subscriber list and there’s the underhanded dirty way that doesn’t really work.  So, with only one real option to choose from, here are some solid techniques for bringing new subscribers into the fold.

Catch Potential Subscribers in Person

    Brick and Mortar store sign-up. Chances are that by the time a customer checks out, they already know whether they want to do business with you again.  Make it easy by offering an email marketing sign-up at the register.  Offer 5% off their purchase if they sign up, or make sure it’s clear that your email newsletter will include coupons to help make the offer enticing.

      Sponsor an event. Get some good publicity and collect email addresses simply by helping to make the event happen. 

        Hit Up Industry Tradeshows. Shake hands with other folks in your industry, meet potential clients, and build your subscriber list all in one go.

        Wow Readers With Your Amazing Web Presence

          Link, connect and bring it all together. The easier it is, the more likely it is to gain subscribers. Integrate your online presence.

            Put the opt-in everywhere. Make signing-up for your email marketing campaigns the obvious option on social media, on the main page of your site, on the comments page for your blog, etc. 
            Hold a contest. Invite active participation and see what happens. You don’t have to give anything away (but if you can, give that a try too), just invite active participation and creativity.  Have a funny picture contest, for example.

              Invite people to share your content.  If you’re offering useful information then encouraging readers to share your newsletter is really just public service, right?

                Educate your potential audience. Holding a webinar is not only a useful service, but a great way to gather email addresses from interested parties.  You give information away for free, they give you their email address and consent to receive your email newsletters.  Win-win.