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June 2016

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Hi Creative One,
The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
  ~W.B. Yeats

Are your senses sharp yet? Well, MAGIC THINGS ARE WAITING!
Summer seems like a good time to sharpen my senses, especially seeing, tasting, hearing and humor. Anyone else in?
I started sharpening my sight in May. It meant moving my technological habit from checking emails, social media, and Hulu returns to capturing scenes with my smart phone camera. My new smart phone app has replaced TV and Internet distractions and I go away with a souvenir which feeds my creative soul more than post-TV blues.
Here's my themed work Alley Art which I took with a smart phone and played with in SnapSeed after taking a lesson with my friend, Cliff Oliver. I'll be teaching this at my Taos retreat. That smart camera can be a way to become more present and artistic - take a field trip, include a picnic.

I think one of my favorite summer moments is biting into the first ripe nectarine.  To me, summer fruit is an even better treat than sugar laden desserts to keep healthy and not have the sugar blues. Here's the challenge - it's simple. Buy a favorite fruit, take AT LEAST 15 minutes and make the eating of it a sensuous experience. Optional: Write a three-line story or a haiku about it and send it to me - I'll post next month.
My favorite summer smoothie: watermelon, banana, mint, ice (maybe a little maple syrup) blended on high and sipped on a front porch.
Well, there's summer concerts, I like those, but I'm in a sort of reclusive state so I've taken up playing the ukulele. It's fun, it's sharpening my senses, but I don't sound great yet. What I really like to do is make art while listening to Pandora, books on tape, my favorite podcasts - Radio Lab, Here's the Thing, This American Life. Bliss.
What's your sensory adventure going to be this summer? <  Really.. what's it going to be?
Here's a Muse is In Writing Prompt that elicited some great responses:
There's a running What the First Line ... theme on my wall in the last few weeks. One of my favorites was What's the first line in your book that was written in the slammer.
 “It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”
― Henry David Thoreau


“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.”
―Marcel Proust 
When everyone is doing things the same way, I've always wanted to do things a little different. I know some of you are creative rebels like that too.
Sales people who think they can sell me shoes by saying "Everyone's buying these" get just the opposite response from me. I want something else - why would I want to do what everyone else is doing?.
Kathryn Costa just released her new book, A Guidebook to Mandalas. She asked me to make a mandala and send it to her one. I perused all the mandalas people were posting and some of the ones in her book and the symmetry intrigued me... but I'm not symmetrical (in many ways.)  I like the look of imperfection - it's more organic. 
Other mandalas in the book lent themselves to a less than perfect look so they gave me permission to break some rules and paint the one you see. Maybe it's not a classic mandala with a radius but it's me and it tells the story of Kathryn and I having tea. Here's what she wrote about it when I posted it on Facebook.
"I love this mandala! So often people think of mandalas as having a "radial" balance where everything is arranged around the center. Contemporary mandalas offer more freedom where anything goes in the center and they often like your mandala here tell a story. I adore this mandala and can't wait to hold it in my hands." Kathryn Costa
P.S.Last newsletter still lurks here. Take a lurk.
(c) 2016 Jill Badonsky All Rights Reserved


The Company Muse: Business Building for the Reluctant Marketer
The program is open for new Company Muses at the beginning of each month. Next new participant date is  June 7: 11 am pacific time/ 2pm eastern time
Enlist a friend for added kindred support and a free Awe-manac or "So What" Mug
Previous Informational Teleconference and Scoop about The Company Muse
By permission, from an email a current artist participant sent:
Thank you for the coaching. I've participated in so many online and real
life coachings to work on my marketing and selling, but none have gone
as deep as our Tuesdays already have. I feel deeply appreciated as my
creative self and the inner material that has kept me from implementing
or even finishing the previous coachings is now finally going somewhere.
 I really appreciate your take on this. <3  ~ Marie Tiger Mikkonen

Camp Creative Thunder in Taos, New Mexico!!
July 12- 16, 2016
Experience creativity, yoga, field trips, gourmet meals, being pampered like a kid. This retreat fills f last year. It's early enough to break it down into smaller payment. This includes a workshop that trains you to run Coloring events.
Check it out.  Life-time memories and new connections with kindred spirits.

The Mabel Dodge Luhan House is such a source of inspiration for people I'm adding two retreats annually: All retreats here Reply to this newsletter for early information and/or to start monthly payment for 2017 workshops.
Next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training

August 10 - December 7, 2016 More here
February 22- June 14, 2017
Most coaching models use the big challenge or blast model of change which appeals to a certain type of person who thrives on going big.  Often this is not sustainable.
The Kaizen-Muse model creates change by taking baby steps - and change sneaks up on the client.   Creativity is such a treat with KMCC - the process becomes it's own reward. ~Samantha Sinclair, Certified KMCC Coach
So Much Freedom!” “So much Permission!”
"This is exactly WHY I sought out this program. I wanted to make my whole life more like this. I wanted to give myself permission to live exactly the way I want, deserve and know I’m meant to and I want to feel the freedom of this. And it is so exciting to think about the possibility of introducing this level of control and freedom to others! It is so invigorating!! It is so important. And I have learned to really value MY importance in this world, my value and the value of my words, my art, my energy, what I have to give through this magical coaching course.It was like unlocking a beam of sunshine. " ~Christina Barsi, New Grad KMCC

Parallel Universe Time 
Mondays 8am/pacific/11am/eastern
A complimentary hour (that means it's free) where creative souls wanting some structure to show-up for their passions or their project-put-offs, hold the space for each other to work on those things. Been going on for 5 years now. No obligations or propaganda.
Bring things to work on. Mondays with Jill at 8 am pacific/ 11 am eastern. Sign-up here

Writing Club
Two original Jill Badonsky writing prompts and inspiration a week to provide simple, fun structure to practice and share writing with a tribe of like-mined writers. No pressure - you can post or keep it to yourself.
CLICK Here One month free to try it at no cost.
Thanks for reading the fine print. You look lovely today. Don't be afraid to do that thing your soul has been asking you to do.     
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Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder and teacher of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, multimedia artist, poet, inspirational humorist, yoga instructor, and author/illustrator of three and a half books on creativity.
"Creativity is seeing what others see
and thinking what no one else has ever thought."
-- Albert Einstein

Thank you for thinking,

                (c) all rights reserved in a fine wine sauce

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