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 How KMCC Differs from other Creativity Coaching Trainings:
  • KMCC does not take place exclusively through the email. One of the most effective aspects to KMCC is the synergy and support that happens in real time between coach and client. Talking about the creative process is akin to being IN the creative process when you are sharing with a compassionate, knowledgeable coach who knows how important listening is. Real time conversations also trigger insight, intuition, and solutions.
  • Creative people often need structure to take steps -- actual steps are taken DURING sessions so the client goes away feeling their time was well spent in having accomplished something. This can not happen in an email exchange. KMCC is about more than accountability. When steps happen on the phone, momentum is created and the client is more likely to continue after the phone call or in person session.

  • Students who go through the training receive coaching from KMCC Master coaches or Jill Badonsky which includes 1:1 guidance, support, feedback, and application of these life-changing tools. The student is able to experience what it feels like to be a client thus deepening their empathy as well as use the tools on their own process, finding out why clients have life-changing results. 

  • Getting analytic about creativity has its advantages but according to KMCC, it  isn’t as powerful (or as fun) as actually taking steps, having an imaginative experience during a KMCC real-time creativity exercise, cultivating intuition through creative question-asking, and practicing the type of self-talk that highly successful creative people use. We want to stoke creative fire.

  • KMCC is more right-brained than other creativity coaching models because, well, … creativity is right-brained. “Right brain” meaning we focus on intuition, instinct, imaginative experiences, use of indirect triggers to by-pass fear and resistance, humor, play, guided relaxations,  daydreaming, humor, metaphor, mind-maps, guided writing and art experiences.

  • KMCC has a mindful component.  As Abraham Maslow pointed out, creative expression is one of the most enlightening experiences we can have as humans. Everyone has the ability to be creative, and creativity is a love affair with the present moment.

  • KMCC honors who we are as creative humans. It gives permission not to be perfect, to have a non-linear rather than highly restrictive course of action, to find one's own pace and style. Compassion, acceptance, and individual understanding are practiced. The approach understands that telling a creative individual what to do is tantamount to triggering resistance. Even explicit suggestions are offered with questions to put the client in charge.
  • KMCC does not appeal to everyone. The KMCC website is designed to attract those who are a good fit and discourage away those who would not be happy.  What hit do you get when you go there?
  • My background is in expressive therapies, yoga, marketing, management, educational design, entertainment, poetry, art, comedy, and writing. All of those influence how and what is taught.
                                   ~Jill Badonsky, M.Ed.
Nine Reasons To Become a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

  1. You are looking for a successful creativity-coaching model that works because of the profound gentleness of small steps, momentum building tools used during each session, play, intuition, imagination, and compassion.
  2. You come alive when you are working with the creative process.
  3. Getting paid for coming alive seems like a pretty good idea.
  4. You want to liberate the creativity of others and experience your own creativity going deeper each time you do.
  5. You want to expand your life coaching, academic, or corporate experience your corporate experience but with non-linear, soul-affirming strategies.
  6. You don’t have a life coaching, academic or corporate gig, but you are passionate about the creative process.
  7. You want to be able to apply your experience and uniqueness to a rewarding profession.
  8. You want the freedom of working for yourself in a profession that continues to open up your own creativity.
  9. You want to learn a profession where sensitivity, playfulness, rebelliousness, and being off-beat actually pay off.
6 Things to Know about Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Program
We work with anyone who wants to experience more creativity including:
  • Artists, musicians, writers, business builders, unique thinkers, spiritual leaders, and those who understand everyone is creative even if they don’t have one of those titles.
  • Those wanting to engage in a creative outlet but are running into blocks, don't think they are creative, or don’t know where to start.
  • Those who want to learn a creative way to approach life that is authentically more in line with who they are.
  • Those who want a gentle, creative way to ease through transitions such as empty nest, loss, grieving, divorce, or feeling alone.
  • Those wanting simple, unique and profound tools to apply to daily life.
We work with ANYBODY who is STUCK or PERPLEXED or CRANKY because they have lost themselves to procrastination, distraction, self-sabotage, resistance, fear, self-doubt, immobilizing perfectionism, feeling overwhelmed, never-feeling-good-enough, lots of ideas but no idea where to begin. We use creative modalities from writing to reframing the way you think.
KMCC sessions deliver value because clients are provided with structure and creative momentum building experiences which move them ahead with their endeavors DURING the session. The coaching-client real-time interaction results in insight and ways to make creativity easier.
KMCC honors the non-linear process of creativity where a week daydreaming can often result in more “productivity” than a week being pressured to do complete a to-do list.
KMCC addresses blocks to moving ahead in any area of life by lowering the pressure, not increasing it. High-pressured expectations often seen in life-coaching can result in MORE procrastination, overwhelmed feelings, and avoidance.
KMCC coaches don’t give advice – They bond, partner, apply what worked in the past, and provide tools from which the client can choose. KMCC coaches know creative people don’t like being told what to do.

Person in Charge

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder  and owner of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification program, multimedia artist, yoga teacher, and author of three books on creativity and inspiration. Her teachings are augmented by the addition of Dr. Robert Maurer, UCLA professor, author, and renown workshop leader.

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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