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 PEACE TALK ~ May 2015

Women's Web of Life Dance

Center For Peace, Seymour, TN

May 22-24, 2015

It is through stillness and movement that we begin to see the interconnectednesses among all things”
Dance Chiefs – Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson


  •  Can you see where you want to be-yet can’t see the steps you need to take to get there?
  • Do you begin things only to find yourself unable to finish them?
  • Do you feel stuck and unmotivated, but finally ready to become the woman you’ve dreamed of being?
  • Or perhaps you’re incredibly happy and want to celebrate, dancing that gratitude into your life and into the world
Many Dancers have said that in the Women’s Web of Life Dance they have accomplished this and much more. The Dance can assist you in both healing your past and taking steps toward your dreams, bringing you to your amazing future.
The Women’s Web of Life Dance is a Dance given in a vision to two elders. It is not a Native American ceremony. It is a ceremony about looking down the threads of life, both forward and backward, and seeing all the possible consequences of our choices. It is about seeing, understanding, and ultimately taking responsibility for what we set in motion. It is about gaining understanding of how everything we do affects the strands next to us, across from us and, indeed, the whole web of life.
Although the Dancers and crew are women, men are invited and encouraged to support by helping to prepare the Dance area on Friday, serving in the kitchen during the Dance, participating in the feast on Sunday, and in other ways.
The contribution for this Dance is $295. This covers the expenses necessary to hold the Dance.
There is never a charge for ceremony. Payment options are available when arrangements are made in advance. There is also a work exchange program in place at the Center.  
If this Dance calls to you, please contact the Dance Chiefs at
This Week and Upcoming

Every Tuesday ~ Drumming, Meditation and Channeling
Thursday, May 7th 6:45 pmMonthly Fire Ceremony
Saturday, May 9th 10 am ~ David Arms
Topic:Things that influence our body & what can be done about them.
Saturday, May 16th 10 am~ Workday for Women's Web Dance
 May 22nd-24th ~ Women's Web of Life Dance
May 30th 10am ~ Arbor Workday
** JUNE **

May 22nd-24th ~ Huna Shamanism Workshop
Monthly Fire Ceremony
 Fire Ceremony
May 7th - 6:45 pm
~ led by Katy Koontz
In the interest of "Walking Gently" on our land;
Please DO NOT park or drive in the meadow.
The purpose of the FIRE CEREMONY is to heal and purify both the planet’s physical oceans and the oceans of cosmic thought.
At 7 pm local time, fire elders light ceremonial fires at each of the Peace Sound Chambers around the world. Those present watch the fire in silence until it burns out, giving to it what we want to transmute in our lives and staying open to the messages and teachings it brings.
All are welcome. We suggest you arrive around 6:45 pm.
Donations are appreciated.
David Arms ~ May 9th
Topic: Things that influence our body & what can be done about them.

Saturday, May 9th
10am-11:30 am

“We spend a lot of time being told what is good for us... vaccines, medications, processed foods, etc. We are constantly being shown commercials and advertisements about energy drinks, coffees, and other such things they call nutritious or beneficial.
The results of what they do to us is unreal. The ways they affect our brain is life changing. Studies show that sugar has the same basic affect on the brain that cocaine does. One of the newest gifts I have been given is to be able to restructure neurological pathways that have been rearranged by such things as previously mentioned."
~ David Arms

$25.00 presentation fee applies to individual session with David.
Individual sessions, $50, scheduled after, (sessions are 45-60 minutes.)
What is Holistic Wellness Alignment?

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential and to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

HWA is a gentle and non-invasive method of healing. HWA treats the WHOLE PERSON. When the emotional causes that are behind most physical issues are cleared, the body starts to heal itself. Even injuries find improvements from getting rid of emotional trauma. Clients invariably report immediate feelings of change, lightness, well-being and relaxation, yet the healing effects can continue for several days as the energy integrates and toxins are released.
For more information contact Patti MacFee at 865-250-1988
Workday ~ May 16th
Workday for the Women's Web of Life Dance
May 16th

Join us as we gather to prepare the grounds for the Women's Web Dance.
  • Gathering and hauling wood
  • Split and stack firewood
  • Prepare the Dance Arbor
  • Mowing needs to be done
  • Clean the composting toilets (sweep, empty trash, replenish supplies, clean seats, look for wasp nests etc)
  • Weed eat around meadow, Sound Chamber & arbor
  • There is also work to be done at the house, such as cleaning the kitchen and gift shop.
  • Sweep and tidy up Sound Chamber
Great way to participate in the life of the Center For Peace.
Arbor Work Day ~ May 30th

Arbor Work Day
May 30th 10am
A few years ago a group of amazing friends from the Watersong Peace Chamber community in North Carolina  came to the Center For Peace and rebuilt the dance arbor with us. Their work gave us the beautiful arbor in which we dance.
As the years have gone by, the wind and storms have damaged the roof and carpenter bees have damaged the fascia boards around the arbor. It is time for some significant repair work to be done on the arbor.
We will gather on May 30th to do the necessary work. It is important that we have a good turn out for the work so we can get it all done quickly. Materials will be on hand and we will have the main tools needed. Bring hand tools if you have them; hammers, framing squares, levels, hand saws etc. If you do not have tools we will provide as many as possible.
This is an opportunity for you to exchange your work for dance registrations or for upcoming workshops. Go here for more information about Work Exchange.
Contact Steve Citty by email or call him at 865-300-4424 if you want to be a part of this project.
Drumming, Meditation and Channeling
We will drum for a while, then drift into a silent meditation. The Guides, with which Perry works, will begin to speak.
All are invited to attend. Bring your favorite drum [we will have a few extras here, if you do not have one to play], an open mind, and a supportive heart. In the spirit of "my job is to show up", let's see what happens. You will know if you need to be here.
An opportunity will be given for other Guides to speak as well. Out of respect for time, let's come early to socialize, so we can start on time.
Sweat Lodges

Sweat Lodge
Saturday June 6th

There will NOT be a Thursday night lodge this month

 The Sweat Lodge Ceremonies at the Center For Peace are "Purification Lodges" based in Native American tradition from the Pueblo and Ute People and we honor the ancestors and their teachings in the lodge.. We seek purification and a deeper spiritual awareness through prayer.
Drumming and chanting combine with the steam, heat and darkness to intensify prayers and personal introspection. The lodge leader with help from the fire tender holds an energetic space of safety and security while setting the intent of the lodge and throughout the ceremony.
Information: Steve Citty (865) 300-4424
There is never a charge for Ceremony. If you are not feeling abundant, PLEASE do not allow this to prevent you from coming.
 COMING in June
Huna Workshop

Huna Workshop
June 27-28
led by Perry Robinson at the Center for Peace

Huna is a way of joining with life and relating to it as a participant who bring

s blessing.  The teaching and practice of huna comes to us from Hawaii and deals more with mindsets and feelings than with course material and techniques.   A kahuna is one who practices huna. 
There are political kahunas, engineering kahunas, and medical kahunas, people who have assimilated the depths of their chosen fields of endeavor and are experts in applying what they know. Then there are the kahunas who simply walk in balance with all things and who use their insights and influence to restore all things to balance; they are the true healers; and it is their way of being upon which we will focus in this workshop.
Participants who wish to prepare ahead of time for this experience may study Serge Kahili King's book URBAN SHAMAN, which best explains what huna is and why it works.  Listen to your heart and you will know if you need to attend.
Perry does not claim to be a kahuna, although he has walked this path for 27 years.
This will be a two-day workshop, 10 am to 5 pm each day.  Participants need to bring food to share for a light lunch.  Those from a distance too far to commute may arrange for motel nearby or to sleep in the Peace Sound Chamber [bring bed roll].  Suggested donation is $200.
Friends of the Center

We are asking for sponsorship through monthly donations.
These donations do not need to be large but if those who love the Center for Peace could help by committing a few dollars on a monthly basis it could be the difference between always hoping that someday we will be able to build or provide those needed areas (i.e. showers, sleeping areas, restrooms) and actually making it happen.
If you have participated in any of the programs, offerings, and events that occur on an ongoing basis at the Center for Peace you have already felt the personal blessings from these activities. Our mission is to be a Spiritual Center for our community which extends to anyone open to this learning path.
2015 Dance Schedule
2015 Dance Schedule at 
The Center For Peace
Seymour, TN
May 22-24
July 17-20
August 22nd
Chief: Nan Citty
September 18th-20th
December 5-6
Long Dance
Chiefs: Colby McLemore & Katy Koontz

In this issue:
Women's Web of Life Dance
This Week and Upcoming

Monthly Fire Ceremony
David Arms ~ May 9th
Workday ~ May 16th
Arbor Work Day ~ May 30th

Drumming, Meditation and Channeling

Sweat Lodges

 COMING in June
Huna Workshop

Friends of the Center
2015 Dance Schedule

Calendar at a Glance
Facebook Group
Council Members
Chanting in the Chamber
The Center For Peace is a 501(c)(3)  not for profit corporation.
We exist on donations.
If you have ever come to the Center For Peace and liked what you found, PLEASE consider donating now; either a one time donation, or set up an ongoing donation through PayPal. 

Calendar at a Glance
Saturday, May 2nd
Saturday Sweat Lodge
(fire starts at 10am)
Thursday, May 7th 6:45pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
Saturday, May 9th 10am
David Arms
Holistic Wellness Alignment
Saturday, May 16th 10am
Workday for
Women's Web of Life Dance
May 22nd-24th
Women's Web of Life Dance
Saturday, May 30 10am

Arbor Work Day
Saturday, June 6th
Saturday Sweat Lodge
(fire starts at 10am)
Sunday, June 7th 6:45pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
Thursday, June 18th 6:30pm
Thursday Night Sweat Lodge
(fire starts at 5pm)
June 27th & 28th
Huna Shamanism Workshop
Facebook Group


Council Members
The Center for Peace is a non-profit religious corporation in the State of Tennessee. Donations to the Center for Peace can be claimed as deductions from income for income tax purposes.
Active Council Members of the Center for Peace:
Nan Citty
Knoxville, TN
Steve Citty
Knoxville, TN
Teresa McKee
Lenoir City
Sandy Palmer
Seymour, TN
Heather Robinson
Seymour, TN
Jeanne Robinson
Seymour, TN
Lee Sinnott
Johnson City, TN
Chanting in the Chamber
The Peace Sound Chamber is available for chanting, vision quests and ceremonies of many different types.
You are encouraged to come to the chamber and chant, drum, meditate or simply sit (the chamber Spirits love it); please check first that there is not something already scheduled. Please call at least two weeks in advance to reserve our facilities as usage requires council approval
Center For Peace  •  880 Graves Delozier Road  •  Seymour  •  TN  •  37865
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