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Yule Be Fine This Holiday Season
Just holly if you need me. Be good to yourself.                 December 2014
Once upon a time in a world long forgotten
there were no ipads, no ipods, no robots with ray guns,

no Nintendo or Barbies, no flashlights or blenders,
no devices that played back the voice of the sender.

Christmas tree candles couldn't all blink sequentially
battery powered buglers couldn't ommpah perpetually
stockings were smaller, their stuffings were simple
a hand knitted scarf, a hand whittled whistle.

Why did people still cherish the holiday season?
We're not really certain, but we think that the reason
that there was still laughter without all these toys
is that there was still love, and it's love that brings joy.

Love and joy to you.


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Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., is founder of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching training, and author/illustrator of three good ideas for holiday gifts: The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder, The Muse is In: An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity and The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard). She is often found in a hammock.

(c) 2014 all rights reserved, share with credit and all good things shall rain upon thy domicile

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103
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