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It's MAY 2013             .................. Don't Delete This Until You Read That Part That Was MEANT for you.....................

Hi Friends,



Hey, do you remember that scary movie from the late seventies, When A Stranger Calls? The most terrifying line in the movie was "The call is coming from INSIDE the house." I'm reminded of that when I read John Allston's quote, "If you don't control your mind, someone else will."   That someone else might be the ruthless tyrants INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD! Run!! Myrelentless inner-critic, my fears, my petty ego are talking at me all the time. DON'T LISTEN. Tormenting myself with criticism while trying to create feels like the whiplash of riding in an unstable roller coaster while bullies throw rotten tomatoes at me. Or something like that...not fun.

To live a wildly, wonderful creative life means having a conversation with myself that sends mrrunning to the writing notebook, the art room, the dance studio, or to that part of my life where creative wonder is waiting to transport me to the end of my mundane blubbering, curtails the mindless loitering in realms unsatisfying to my soul, and sends me into the cosmic orgasm of creative freedom. Dig?

I call this a conversation with my "Muses." These kinds of Muses are hi-fi personifications of self-encouragement, the acknowledgement of genius, and the wisdom to know that what I say to myself can result in your most audaciously liberated creative-self.

Let the Muses into your house.


Could you be listening to one or all of the following: 


    The Perfectionist Nazi                  Floating Debris Slinging Filth and Lies                  The Constant Critic Nag and Guilt Hag          

"It must be PERFECT."                            "Your idea is stupid."                           "You should be cleaning the kitchen."    


If you're stuck, you're probably listening to an unhelpful voice inside your head ... Stop it.



That is the sound of the nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) being dispatched straight to you. Look up, do you see them? Okay, maybe you can't see them but they ARE there to retrain any faulty thinking that is preventing you from fascinating yourself (and the world) with your creative best.

This is issue Number Two in a ten-issue-mission to help you adopt the self-talk that will work the best for your creative dreams.





The Muse of Thinking DIfferently

Click for Youtube inspiration about people who think differently...

"And while some may see them as crazy, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."  ~Steve Jobs


Fear/Ego/inner Critic Talk:

  • I'm not thinking anything new.
  • I'm not creative.
  • I need to follow directions.
  • Thinking differently is hard. 
  • [Not available for comment because no thinking AT ALL is happening. Just blank]

 Muse-Talk Practice:

  • Thinking differently is a BLAST.
  • Hold it! I have an original thought uploading in my mind as we speak.

Questions that Activate Subconscious Creative Connections:

  • How can I look at this differently to make it more unique, fun, inviting, novel?
  • Who's rules am I following? Mine or someone else's? Where can I tweak the rules and make them mine? Where can I make some up?
  • What ideas are out there already that I can modify, free associate to something else, connect with other ideas?
  • What can I rebel against to show I am FOR my own style of doing things?
  • How can I look at something familiar and think something different?




Albert is from The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

Free Associating

Free associating results in fluid thinking, the source of many new ideas and ingenious.  Free associating is colossal fun, true amusement and my personal favorite form of generating both humor and creative solutions. And it's free.


Here's an excerpt from The Muse is In: An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity :


"Start with an image, word, sentence, object or an existing concept and let it send you into a fluid fury of idea generation. Think of anything it loosely reminds you of, the opposite of it, what it sounds like, and what objects, pictures, concepts, ideas, stories, directions, wildness, tameness relate to it.  


    Don’t judge, be a crazy on fire snarl, drool and hum loudly if that helps. Wax otherworldly, be unpredictable, ridiculous, channel the radically possessed populace of liberated artists/writers who were charmed with fierce independence. Do not impede a wild stampeding charge of associations. You might land on one response that completely rocks your world, circle it, but consider continuing because you may be surprised at how brilliance, humor and richness emerges as insist on going deeper."



Amuse yourself,


Zone for Big Kids

First Satruday Open Mike in The Muse Garden

  • Saturday, May 4, 2013 1:30-4:30 3023 1st Ave, San Diego (between Redwood and Quince)
  • Featured poet, Lizzie Wann. Featured singer/songwriter, John Bosely.
  • Libations, tea, gourmet treats, theme: Madhatter's Tea Party, surprises. $12

Deliciously Free Conference Calls

  • Every Friday: 8 am pacific/ 11am eastern Parallel Universe Time. I hold the space for you to work on your creative project without distraction. For people who are having a hard time showing up for yourself. Try it. It's free. Sign-up here.

Join The Writing Club

  • If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot- Stephen King Receive two weekly prompts like you see in The Awe-manac and in The Muse is IN: An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity. Keeps you accountable and inspired by others, plus it's fun. Beam yourself here.

 Facilitate Modern Day Muse Creativity Workshops with Jill Badonsky and Janet Whitehead 

  • Next training begins in June. Info here
  • Early discount until May 5 ... read Janet's newsletter here


Creativity Coaching Certification Training August 21 - December 11, 2013

  • Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training: Now taking applications  Become a certified creativity coach and liberate individuals (including yourself) from anything that stops creativity whether it be for art, writing, business, life transitions or living a deeper, more fulfilling existence.Since 2005, based on the work of author and inspirational humorist, Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. and renown Kaizen author and psychologist, Robert Maurer.To apply: Send an email to sharing your background and why this model of creativity coaching is a good fit for you.

 July 9-13, 2013: Electric Skies and Creative Thunder: A Creativity Retreat in Taos (come play with me)

  • With the enchantment of Taos as our setting, we will dive into images, painting, doodling, energy work, music, guided meditation and the inspiration of the Mabel Dodge Luhan House to inspire writing and deepen creativity. Enjoy Evening Salons with local singer/songwriters, a field trip to the artsy, bohemian Wired? Cafe, treks to town with creative missions, gourmet-healthy meals around our dining table (alone-worth the price of admission!). More information here. Hold your space. My favorite thing!

A Three Part Pod-Cast Treasure Chest of Tools with Marney Makridakis and Jill Badonsky

  • You can sign-up for the myriad of business strategies out there for creative people, but if you are overwhelmed, derailed by comparison, or you don't follow-through, nothing will become of your good intentions. This podcast series is packed with what you need to succeed. Click here for more information.




Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. has been running creative workshops for individuals and companies since 1985.

She is the author of three books on creativity, an inspirational humorist, multimedia artist,

and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching.

(R) All rights reserved. 2013 All lefts set free.

The Muse is IN • 3142 1st Ave • San Diego, CA 92103
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