BFF: Search Lists by Subscriber

Get your flashlights, y’all, because this search party won’t stop! Last week, we introduced you to our BFF (Beta Feature Friday) series with a look at the Filter by Newsletter Name function. This week, we’re continuing the search party by breaking down the Search Lists by Subscriber tool.

Using the Search Lists by Subscriber feature, you can search your entire subscriber data base for a particular subscriber or keyword. Simply click on the Subscribers tab in the top menu, and enter the terms of your search into the Search Lists by Subscriber field. When you click the magnifying glass to complete your search, the system will return a new page with all the subscriber email addresses that match your query.

On that return page, you’ll see the full email addresses of each return, their first and last names (if entered), the date on which they subscribed, and their confirmation status. You’ll also see a toggle box to the left of each email address. By clicking that toggle, you can elect to send a confirmation message to, copy, export, move, remove, or delete the selected subscriber(s).

Additionally, you can click the hyperlinked email address for a pop-up with more details about the subscriber. In that pop up window, you can add or edit the subscriber information for that individual, view any lists in which that subscriber is included, and unsubscribe or delete the user entirely.

One of the really nice features about the Search Lists by Subscriber feature is that you don’t need to enter the entire email address of the subscriber you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for “John at example dot com”, you can simply enter “John,” and the system will return a list of all emails containing that character series.

This can be particularly helpful when searching for a group of subscribers as well. Say you’d like to add new information for a group of subscribers who all work for the same company. If they share a host domain (like, simply pop that into the search field, and you’ll get a list of all the subscribers you have who use that domain.