3 Ways we make social-email integration easier

Through the savvy innovation of our resident techies, we’ve rolled out a few new features that make social & email marketing a little easier. Here are three new features that join the forces of Facebook with the forces of MNB.

Get More Subscribers from your Facebook Fan Page
Imagine fans coming to your Facebook page, clicking like, and then signing up for your email marketing campaigns. You don’t have to get them to your website to sign up – they can do it right there from the comfort of their own Facebook.

Here’s how: Go to More Features; Sign-up Builder. Click the link that says “Facebook Page Tab Application”. A window will pop-up and ask you to select your business page. Select the page and click “Add Page Tab”.  Follow the instructions to install the app on your Facebook. 2. The actual process Go to your FB page and edit the app setting to customize a form to match your branding and image.

Your tab should appear on your Facebook page, and you can move it around with other tabs and link to it. Fans will see it too, click on it, and be taken to your email marketing sign-up form.

Please note that this feature only works with Facebook pages, not personal profile accounts.

Auto-Share your Newsletter on Facebook
When you send email marketing pieces, it’s always a great idea to share your newsletter on your social media accounts – especially Facebook and Twitter. We’ve made sharing to Facebook easier. Here’s how:

Click send from the newsletter draft – just like normal. On the send page, underneath the area where you set up the date and time you’re sending, there is now a checkbox for “Send this newsletter to Facebook (Your newsletter will be shared to Facebook shortly after it is sent.)”

Check that box and magic starts to happen. Ok, it’s not magic, it’s an app. A pop-up window will appear (please allow pop-ups from MNB)and ask you to sign in to your Facebook account (in some cases, it may sign you in automatically, or you may already be signed in. Go ahead and sign in to your personal Facebook (the one you manage your pages from, if applicable). Now that you’re logged in, you have a new option on the MNB sending page – if you want to post your marketing when you email it, select “Post this to my page(s),” and then select the page you want to post to. As it says on the sending page, your newsletter will be shared on Facebook shortly after it is sent.

Choose your Facebook Preview Photo
Once you’ve got your marketing campaign email ready, you can select the image in your newsletter that you want displayed when you share your newsletter on Facebook. How do you do that?

Click the image you like. From the toolbar, select image editing options – this is the same button you used to add an image. Scroll down to the bottom of the image options box to the “Facebook options” section. Check the box next to “Make this my Facebook preview image”.  You can also select this option when you first add the image to your email.
Please note that when you share your newsletter, Facebook caches whatever image you selected for 7-days. This means that it will take 7 days for a new image to appear, unless you remove the newsletter from Facebook, copy the newsletter in MNB, change the displayed image, and share the new newsletter.

Whenever your newsletter is shared on Facebook, your designated image will be the preview image. 
All three of these tools are just some of the ways we’re making email marketing work smarter.