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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays Everyone!! Holiday shopping ü,  Holiday decorations ü,  
Christmas tree ü,  Gifts wrapped ü,  Schedule Pet Sitter or Dog Walker...What? you forgot about your pets? With Christmas and Hanukkah approaching, many folks will be hosting family members or having guests visits for parties and festivities. All this excitement can send your pet into an emotional tailspin (pun intended).
If you decide to keep your pets at home, then take some precautionary measures. Be mindful of people coming and going. Many a family has lost a beloved pet due to the pet dashing out the door never to be seen again. (Does your pet do this? We can help you train them not to! Check out our Expert Dog Training Services).
Create a “safe zone” for your pets where they can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
No kids allowed in the “safe zone”.
Supervise children during ALL pet interactions.
Keep Holiday food and drink up and off the floor, coffee and side tables etc. Many human foods can be harmful to pets.
Be aware of holiday plants that may be poisonous… Holly, Poinsettias & Peace Lilies just to name a few.
For more tips click here.
If your dog greets guests too exuberantly or worse, you have to lock them up when guests arrive maybe it would be better to arrange for a dog walker to blow off some steam before your guests arrive. If the festivities are to much for your dog altogether consider boarding them with their favorite pet sitter. This will make your holiday experience better for everyone.
It is such an exciting time and you have so much to do! Let us help take some of the load off you. After all, it’s what we do! We pet sit, dog walk & dog board 365 days a year which of course includes holidays! If you haven’t tried us yet, we’ll even throw you a bone. Check out this SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER.
Whatever you holiday plans include we wish you love, laughter, family, friends and fun! We’ll be seeing you in the new year and we thank you for being a part of the Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care family all these years.
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie & Cole
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
Holiday Fun!
Watch our Holiday Video. You may see some faces you recognize!
Click to view.Holiday Greetings Video
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Whisker Fatigue,
Is your Cat Suffering?
I feel as though I am pretty knowledgeable regarding cats. I’ve owned cats all my life and up until recently had never heard of Whisker Fatigue. I’ve always known that a cat’s whiskers are sensitive and help them determine if they can fit through or in something (whiskers are usually about as long as a cat is wide). But in researching the topic of Whisker Fatigue I learned some new things as well.
Most people know that a cat’s whiskers are thicker, longer hairs but did you know they are more deeply rooted than their regular fur and the area around each has a generous supply of nerves and blood? They typically have 8 to 12 whiskers on each side of their nose as well as above their eyes. They also have whiskers on their chins and on the lower back of their front legs.
Read more here.
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Holiday House Party!
Holiday House Party Video! Look for your pet or sitter! Click to watch video. Holiday House Party video image 
Sitter Spotlight!
Meet Shelly Hansen
Position: Client Care Manager
Best Part of Job: I love interacting with our customers and sitters on a daily basis.  It is very rewarding to be able to help our customers through the process of setting up care for their fur babies while they are away. Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care is a wonderful place to work!  
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my husband and one year old boxer, Cooper.  We have recently become empty nesters so are exploring different areas around our new home in Athens.  When not working, I enjoy shopping, reading and watching Nascar.
We're Hiring!
Click here to apply!.
5 Holiday Pet Hazards
The holidays are filled with shiny ornaments, twinkly lights, festive wrapping ribbons, poinsettias and pine trees not to mention all the chocolates and fancy foods  that are sure to capture the attention of your pet dog or cat. Oh how I love the holidays! As you are planning your holiday decorating, parties and gatherings keep in mind your four legged family members. While all the trimmings of the holidays are dare I say “necessary” they can also be very dangerous for your pets.
1. Holiday ornaments are beautiful and many look like toys to your dog or cat. Round and rolly looks like a ball. Keep your glass ornaments up and out of reach. Opt for plastic ornaments for the lower branches. They are so beautifully made nowadays that you can hardly tell them from their glass counterparts. This way if your cat tries to bat it off the tree or if your dog tries to play fetch with it, neither will be harmed.
Read more here.
 Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Pet of the Month
Meet Sadie! This sweet girl will meet you at the door with her cute little smile. She LOVES the ball. She would let you throw it for her all day long. She also likes walks and wears an adorable coat if it's cold out. Sadie loves belly rubs and ear scratches as well! Who wouldn't like a good belly rub? Sadie is the sweetest girl and loves your attention!
Recipe of the Month

Who doesn't love dipped pretzels during the holiday season.  Check
out this yummy recipe for Caramel Chocolate Pretzels.  These make
wonderful gifts for family, friends, neighbors, or your wonderful pet
Check it out here.
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