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Sale! Sale! Sale!
We have to make space for the Christmas trees
so we are having a
Clearance Sale
Nov 7th thru 15th
Shop Early for Christmas Trees 2015
Best Christmas Trees
in the South Bay!
We at Deep Roots Garden Center are very happy to say that for Christmas 2015 we will be continuing the long standing tradition of selling “The Best Christmas Trees in the South Bay” from our 207 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach location.  
This tradition started with Bob’s Nursery and, like Bob, Deep Roots’ owner Jon Bell is dedicated to providing the highest quality of trees possible.
We are rooted in the local community and we want to show our commitment to family traditions. The magical quality of Christmas starts with the tree and we are dedicated to providing the "Best Trees in the South Bay" this year and in the future. We CARE about our trees and are proud to offer our community our tree service. Our first shipment of trees will arrive on November 23Rd and will be ready for purchase on November 24th.  A full selection of trees will be available a couple of days after that. 
Why worry about the quality of your  Christmas tree?
A quality Christmas tree makes the difference between having a standard holiday and one that is truly special. Our trees last longer than other trees, therefore, they can be set up and decorated a week to ten days earlier than anyone else’s tree. 

Our trees look better, smell better and retain the gloss of a healthy tree much longer than standard trees. They drop fewer needles and are easier to remove without a lot of mess once the holidays are over.
Buying your Christmas tree from us means that you do not have to struggle through a commercial tree lot looking at sad, dried up trees whose branches have been imprisoned in plastic or string. Our trees are freshly cut and put in water the minute they arrive on our lot and their branches are free to hang or bounce or do whatever Christmas tree branches do. We water them daily and keep them moist and in an environment of high humidity. Our experienced team of tree lot workers and delivery guys come back year after year to work here and can be trusted to load your tree expertly and quickly. For a service fee our drivers will deliver and set up your tree wherever you wish and make sure that it is positioned correctly and securely.  
How to buy your tree: Please come in to Deep Roots to pick out your tree. We cannot do this for you over the phone. Upon arrival at Deep Roots tree lot our helpful crew will assist you in finding the perfect tree for your home. We will pull out every last tree for you to look at until you are satisfied.
We will honor the Old Christmas Tree Stand exchange program or sell you a new one that can be exchanged next year and in years to come*. We will then either load the tree onto your vehicle or deliver it to your home and set it up for you. Delivery fees start at $25 for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and North Redondo. We will make it possible for you to have a tree delivered and set up in your home without you ever having to touch it. We will save you the agony of domestic disputes and potential divorce. You and your spouse can look on and relax with a glass of eggnog while the hard work is done for you. With a Deep Roots tree you can look forward to a trouble-free start to the Holiday Season.
* (NOTE: Please do NOT return your stand immediately after Christmas. We will not accept stands for exchange until next Christmas Tree season.)
We buy our trees from wholesale Christmas tree brokers Bishop and Mathews based in Shasta Lake, California. In business for 80 years, this company has built relationships with the finest tree growers in the Pacific Northwest. Bob (a previous owner of our location) and Ron Bishop Sr. were close friends and Bob used to visit Ron at his property in Shasta Lake quite often. Many tree farms have been growing trees for Bishop and Mathews for over 40 years and supply Bishop and Mathews with their best trees. The trees are carefully tended both before and after harvest to ensure the highest quality and greatest longevity. For more information see their website: 
Our trees are grown on two farms,  Windy Acres, a true Mom and Pop tree farm in in North Plains,Oregon, and Kintigh Mountain Home Ranch in springfield, Oregon. Both are in a perfect location for growing trees and each tree is harvested by hand and then immediately loaded onto insulated trucks and shipped directly to our doorstep. They have a two day trip from Oregon and many years we have received them with snow still on them! (See photo above left). This year they will start arriving just before Thanksgiving and we will have a full selection of trees for purchase the day after Thanksgiving.  It is worthwhile buying your trees early as demand is high. 

The spotlight this year will be on the 
Nordman fir tree. (Photo left) The Nordman Firs are deep green in color, have soft foliage and are known for their symmetry. They have an attractive natural sheen and the undersides of the needles are silver. More than anything else they resist needle drop and they have a natural even shape, perfect for hanging your treasured family decorations. At the top they have an upright finial for receiving your prized angel or star. Supply for this tree is far exceeding supply and numbers are limited this year. Please come in early if you want the best.

We will also have the classic family favorite Noble fir trees (photo center left) from 2ft tall all the way to 13ft tall. Our selection of the light feathery Douglas firs (photo below left) will be limited to 6-7ft. trees and 7-8ft trees. Similarly we will have a limited selection of Grand Fir trees and Turkish Fir trees. With their dark green color and shiny appearance, Grand Fir needles have a silvery-blue underside that reflects Christmas tree lights for a beautiful effect. The needles are arranged in a flat array on the twigs in a way that gives a very graceful appearance to the tree. It has a pleasant citrus-like evergreen aroma and is, by far, the most fragrant of Christmas trees. Crush just a few needles between your fingers to get a sample of that aroma.  They are manicured to be extremely symmetrical.

We offer a fire retarding service. This is required for trees that are going into a public space or a business.
Also available at Deep Roots will be a large selection of wreaths, garland, holly, Holiday greens, and garden related gift items.   
Holiday hours: 8 AM - 8 PM daily
as of November 27, 2015, RAIN OR SHINE
(until trees are gone...)
*  *  * 
El Niño is coming!
We have been in a serious drought for some time now but weather forecasters are promising us some serious rain storms this coming winter due to the warm water current called El Nino which is forming off our coast in the Pacific. Now is the perfect time to buy one or more rain barrels to capture and store all that lovely free water.
Available in two colors they are made of food grade plastic and cost $149.99
*  *  * 
Thanksgiving & Holiday Centerpieces
The Thanksgiving Feast is a time for all the family to unite around a table groaning with good things to eat and drink... You have brought out the best china and your crystal wine glasses and what better way of completing the scene than a stunning floral centerpiece?
Call our talented team of floral designers and we will custom create a beautiful and dramatic floral arrangement to your specifications.
Call 310.379.3634 today and place your order for Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and/or Christmas!

*  *  *   
CSA Organic Vegetable Boxes
We are an established drop off point for Community Supported Agriculture organic vegetable boxes. The boxes are dropped off at our store at around 2pm on Wednesdays. We store them in our large flower cooler UNTIL CLOSING TIME ON THURSDAY. This project has been gaining in popularity among our customers who order a box every week, every two weeks, every month or simply when they feel like one. This summer we have had a regular supply of summer squashes, kale, cherry tomatoes, and more recently, butternut squash, pomegranates, peppers and pumpkins.
Why not come in to the store and order a box? Or call us on 310-376-0567 and order one. At $22 for a regular box, and $17 for a mini-box it is great value for money.
Orders or cancellations for Wednesday MUST be made by the previous Monday.
*  *  * 
Deep Roots Garden Center &
Floral Design Studio
Holiday hours:
8am - 8pm daily
as of November 27th

201-207 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Garden Center: 310-376-0567
Floral Design Studio: 310-379-3634
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*  *  *
Thanksgiving Feast 
Tired of cooking but want a delicious Thanksgiving feast anyway? Then why not reserve a place at     
        Manhattan House Restaurant's 
Fall Harvest Dinner on
Wednesday, November 25th.

Their prix fix 4-course menu costs $50 per person and starts at 6pm. Seating is limited so call them to reserve  310-574-2277. Many fresh vegetable items on the menu are supplied by Deep Roots! 
Fall Harvest Dinner
Deep Roots Grows for the HOUSE
Family Style - 80 people $50

Pumpkin Cheddar Beignet
Anthem Cherry Cider
First Course
Garden Salad
apple, pear, persimmon, Deep Roots greens, local goat cheese
Grilled Lamb Meatballs
buckwheat tabbouleh, pickled radish, herb yogurt
Second Course
Turkey Mole
Carolina Gold Rice
Deep Roots Kale & Baby Rainbow Carrots
Shitake Happens Mushrooms
parmesan polenta, Garden herbs
Honeycrisp Apple Pie
Bourbon Caramel
Vanilla Crème Fraiche Ice Cream
* * * 
Gift Ideas
It is not too early to start thinking about gift ideas for the Holidays. Here are a few or our own:
The Garden Tower
The Garden Tower grows plants vertically, enabling you to grow 50 plants in a very small space -- the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting! Most container gardens only allow planting on the top. The Garden Tower has 45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest. Along with the top, side planting pockets are large enough to accommodate compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and radishes.
Living Walls by Grovert
Bring your walls to life with GroVert Living Wall Planters, a creative, fun way to grow plants vertically. Great for indoor or outdoor use, hang one by itself or seamlessly combine the planters for a living wall as big as you would like. The system is clean and easy to use. Simply mount the bracket on a secure vertical surface, fill with plants and hang it — it's that easy! Try clustering GroVerts together to create one of a kind designs. Make life even easier and fill them with some of our easy care, can't tell the difference "faux" succulents. Buy them already planted up or in easy to assemble do-it-yourself kits.
Decorative Driftwood
We have a large selection of decorative driftwood in stock. Pair these with some of our succulents or buy one already created by our floral design studio.

Decorative Coral Pieces
We also have several large specimen coral pieces, perfect for your beach home decor. 

Hand Crafted Planters
Locally made these hand crafted planters are perfect for your entry way or inside on a window sill, or as storage for your office or bathroom.
Carnivorous Plants
We have a good selection of carnivorousplants such as Venus Fly Catchers..a perfect gift for the young boys in the family..who are usually fascinated by the gory bits..
* * * 
New Product
Just in time for Christmas this product new on our shelves: Cloud Cover plant spray.This product is excellent for extending the life of your living Christmas trees and other decorations such as garland and wreaths. 
Watch your living plants flourish with less frequent watering when you use CloudCover plant protector. CloudCover forms a thin, flexible film that allows plants to breathe but reduces water loss. This protects plants from damaging seasonal and environmental extremes, such as wind, winter cold and summer heat. You can also reduce transplant shock, keeping fragile transplants from drying out before their root systems develop. Good for indoor and outdoor plants, CloudCover spray dries clear and leaves no sticky residue. 
*  *  *
Deep Roots Garden Center • 207 N. Sepulveda Blvd. • Manhattan Beach • CA • 90266
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