What are People Saying about the KMCC Training?

I could go on and on about how much I love the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching training and what I feel it's doing for people, but I think it might be more credible for you to hear it from those who experienced it. And it's less awkward for everyone, not that less awkward is always better.  But most of the time it is.
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
The Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ training provides the brilliance, abundance and rewards that come with creatively coaching others to life-changing results.
The training is customized for individuals interested in learning how to use tools that have empowered thousands to reach creative dreams and/or live life with the resilience, resourcefulness, and mindfulness that comes with creative thinking.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching

“KMCC shows up not only in coaching clients, but in my LIFE … in tiny little subtly-powerful ways that add up to a HUGE amount of ongoing fun, contentment, and connection.  And you can quote me!! :-)”
Paula www.paulasparadise.com
"There is so much depth to [KMCC] and yet such a lightness of spirit.  It really is inspired work Jill."
~Jennifer Galluci
"I was in consistent awe of how organized the course was as well as how rich and abundant the manual and the fun treats were. you truly exceeded my expectations!" Wickie Stamps, San Francisco
"This was one of the most meaningful, inspiring, impactful and loving trainings I have ever taken. Not only did I get exactly what I wanted from it- creative coaching tools and increased confidence in coaching but it far exceeded my expectations! I had so many epiphanies while doing the homework, I met amazing classmates (it was so easy to get to know people through reflections in call points, being on the calls and listening to recordings- great use of technology).
I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my practice coach and practice client and benefitted from their wisdom. I love my assigned master/mentor coach Kathy and the other master coaches were terrific- they all brought their own style and passion to the training. Of course, I am so very grateful to you Jill- I am in total awe of your creativity, your books, illustrations and this wonderful course you developed and delivered in a fun and engaging way. And I felt very cared about. Honestly, there is nothing I would have changed about this course (and I don't think I've ever said that about a course!)"
~Jan Gottlieb
 “I also want to share with you the beauty and the irony that I found KMCC, and with it, my long searched for path, before the sh** hit the proverbial fan. Because of my training in KMCC, everything - all my varied interests, life long studies, creative passions, core beliefs - all those diverse parts of me are amazingly melding together in the pursuit of something that is just so right for me to do. HOW F-ING COOL IS THAT??!! :))))
And to have found and be on this path just when life goes wildly off track... well I can't tell you how grateful I am. Here I am becoming so much more ME, my whole self, just as I need to be stronger, more centered and sure of myself and, most of all, what I want to do. GOTTA LOVE THE SYNCHRONICITY!” ~Denise
“Your course was just what I'd needed after too many years of navel gazing and working out the meaning of my shame and wounded inner child and all that crap … your teaching got me out of that hole. Your standing outside the hole with a rope is much better than someone being in the hole with me.  I've noticed the people around me have changed, do you ever get that feeling? -:)
The Muse is In was the best training ever to follow up with as I really got to know the muses much better. Thanks!”
 “With tears streaming downy face. This training has been so powerful In so
Many ways. Thank you for everything!”
“Thank you, Jill. I know I started off as a really skeptical student and carried many of my procrastinating tendencies into this course, however, I need you to know that taking your coaching certification program was one of the very best things I've ever done for myself. It has helped me in ways that I could not have imagined--as an individual, as a parent, as a partner and as a teacher. I can't thank you enough for the important, whole-hearted work you do on this planet.”
“Hi Jill in case you have not grown tired of hearing all the good stuff....I just got your book. Thank you for putting so much about creativity and so much creativity in one collective place. Thank you also to your mom and dad, I am very glad you are here. I defy anyone to still say they don't have a creative bone in their body - your manual can prove to all that each person has the creativity stuff in'em.”
‘”Oh, yes! I've experienced some of that synchronicity. Suddenly, everything I've been seeing or hearing is about "being gentle" or "taking small steps." I love it 'cause the more I notice, the more it happens. And, well, to be honest, I definitely need these reminders and reinforcements! That's for sure! :-)” ~L.S.
 “I'm so grateful that I found You!! I love being connected with the KMCC Community ~ so many inspiring, enlightened Souls.
I'm still letting it sink in that I'm Certified ..
Thanks for being such an inspiring leader, teacher, artist & visionary. I'm looking forward to all the good & blessings that are still yet to come.
With love & gratitude, ~R “
“Reading about small steps has made me very aware of where it might be useful to apply them - as I look at the changes going on in my life and listen to other people complain about overwhelm. I also noticed when reading the Kaizen book that just reading about the option of using really small steps slowed my heart-rate down slightly compared to thinking about approaching things the way I have been.”
~ - V. 

“I am getting reinforcement in so many ways over and over again that I am here in this class because it is where I am meant to be! I feel like I am part of a loving family with similar interests and goals and it is very exciting & satisfying on so many levels."

With Joy

"The design of the Kaizen Muse coaching is unique; like nothing else I've ever seen in the coaching world. One of the most useful parts of the Training Manual is the section on 'Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Ten Tools.' These tools operate in a different part of the brain from what's accessed in coaching for 'results' or 'performance.' The tools are effective with clients at any stage of development, and they can be taken off the shelf the minute the coach recognizes a pattern of thinking or behaving. Specific applications of each tool are provided with detailed instructions. What can I say: It's a gold mine!!!" — Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC, IAC-CC, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation; Certified Coach, IAC, International Association of Coaches

Testimonials Part Two
I am so glad to say that it was Jill's books that paved my way into signing up for the KMCC training. And am I thankful. This study course has given me so much more than I ever expected; knowledge about the creativity process, tools that truly work to keep the creativity flowing, my favorite has been the interaction with other students and master coaches.
My own creativity has been reinvigorated, and the importance of fostering creativity has been reconfirmed. When I consider the time before KMCC creativity coaching ever existed and compare it to what we have learned and experienced in the past four months, I'm overwhelmed by Jill's creative vision along with those who supported her. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our hungry creative souls. ~Anita Mack Beatty, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
For me the highlight of your article was the quote from Jill Badonsky about being exposed to disappointment as a child. BINGO! A couple of years ago I identified programming that included the subconscious belief that people bring me pain and disappointment. There is no telling how many times that has played out in my life. ~S.K.


Favorite Parts of Coaching
My favorite part of coaching is being a witness to and being a part of helping people in finding or re-discovering their strength and joy. ~Amanda
My favorite part of coaching is when clients have an A-HA moment. That moment when they realize that they’ve been succeeding all along! When they realize that even in their perceived past failures, there was success – because they tried, they dared, they did something. I also love the teaching aspects of coaching. The offering of tools and education that clients connect with; and that bring about a real and positive change for them. ~Van
I love getting to know people and where they are with their creativity. Basically, I am just in awe of people who have allowed themselves to be in the world of creativity with all its challenge, excitement, and promise. They have chosen not to go to sleep, not to be lulled into a half-life. I love being able to tap into my own creativity so that I can channel some of it toward them and then see how the struggle and the joy plays out for them. ~Ginger
Helping people find momentum and I LOVE when they experience synchronicity. I also love witnessing their courage. Coaching keeps me inspired for my own creativity, and I do feel like it’s a vital, wonderful service to provide ~Kim
Hearing what the client has to say and helping her to find her own answers. When a client has an ‘aha,’ or makes progress and is successful in working with her challenges—that’s my favorite part! ~Donna
Sharing tools that have helped me get back to my own creative projects and get past perfectionism and procrastination.
My favorite part of coaching is actually that the client DOES have the same fears, problems or procrastination and perfectionism that I have – that everyone has! I can truthfully assure them this is all very normal – am enjoying seeing the tools work for them the way they work for me!

 I'm so grateful for all of these expressions and for all the students from whom I learn and am blessed as they pass this way.
If you wish to immerse yourself in a creative journey and become certified as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach as you do it, email me at jillbadonsky@hotmail.com and tell me a little about your background and why KMCC is a good fit for you. ~Jill Badonsky

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