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May Mixed Media 2015
"Come what come may'"William Shakespeare
Made in May
This Poppies Collage was made in May 2013 in Chile. The reason it's being introduced now, in May 2015, is that I just didn't have time to create anything new :-( 
And even though these nice red poppies are trying to speak to your feelings - appreciation, determination (will), etc., my focus is not on it or on the flowers.
This May I am thinking of the word 'may', and, as often, Shakespeare is here to help.
"Come what come may" ... 
Shakespearean English is very arcane, secret ...
This phrase is from Macbeth, 1605 - usually used just as 'come what may'.
The meaning is: let whatever events crops up come to pass. In other words - whatever happens.
Whatever happens ...
A version of this was known in France as early as 1375, shown here from John Barbour's, The Bruce"Thai wuld defend, avalze que valze." "avalze que valze" is "vaille que vaille" in modern French, meaning "let it avail what it may, come what may".
The Spanish "que sera sera" - "what will be, will be" is also old and predates Shakespeare's "come what come may".
Here Macbeth decides to let events run their natural course
Act 1, Scene 3,
(aside) Come what come may,
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.
(to himself) One way or another, what’s going to happen is going to happen.
Other May Mixed Media
Whatever happens ..... :-)

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