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Express Success LLC
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 Joyful News - May 22, 2015
Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity as well as a noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele.
She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to overcome their challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being.
Working by phone using intuitive gifts, as well as established, time-honored spiritual techniques, her work includes clearing negative memories, limiting beliefs, property and karma to achieve more effortless success.
She is a spokesperson for heaven and shares those messages on the Express Success blog. She authored the book Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life. She was also a contributing author to Big Bold Business. Her chapter addresses how your subconscious is either supporting or sabotaging your success.
Her pro bono work focuses on a global peace and prosperity initiative healing the cause of the imbalances of life to the atrocities affecting all.
To schedule a session or a 15-minute get-acquainted call,
contact Dr. Joy
Email or call 800-801-7597
Let's get to know each other, the challenges you face and the solutions I provide. If there's a fit, we can decide together what options are best for you.
Messages from Heaven
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Why Clear Energy, the Past or Future?
Energy is the basis of all creation. When the energy within you or that you come in contact with is of a lower vibration, you are negatively affected. When you carry negative memories from your past, it lowers your energy and vibration. Therefore, you attract experiences that match the lower energies rather than what is possible.
When you haven't forgiven or let go of a past experience, that memory blocks you from what you may prefer to realize. Clearing helps release those blocks. 
Because energy is the basis of all, it retains whatever it has come in contact with within it, including inanimate objects. Therefore, when we clear, we include furnishings as those furnishings will absorb the energies of those who come in contact with it. For example, if there is a corner where there has been accidents, clearing the past accidents will improve the energies at that corner and help to prevent other accidents from being attracted to that spot. It doesn't mean that if there is a physical need to change the corner that it isn't made. In either case, however, you still would benefit if the energies of those prior accidents were cleared.
If you go to a restaurant and sit somewhere that a person previously sat that had a lot of anger, you could begin expressing anger and not realize it is because you absorbed someone's else's emotions. 
When I or one of my regular client's purchases something, makes upgrades to their home, etc., I clear the energy of the items from the beginning of its creation including all materials or ingredients. For example, if you buy a shirt that was made by child labor and you put that shirt on, you could then take on the qualities of poverty, greed, child labor and working long hours for little to no money, etc. The thoughts of those who worked on the garment can be absorbed into the material and impact you. 
If you think your thoughts don't matter, they matter in more ways than you will consciously realize. The negativity in the world is an accumulation of everyone's thoughts. All thoughts remain in existence until cleared. That is why it is ultra important to think beneficial thoughts. Anything less than will continue to impact you and others as we are all one and thoughts travel so it doesn't matter where you live. 
So when I work with people I am always including every person, place and thing they come in contact with from week to week. We clear the week before so they don't carry attachments and lower energies forward. We also include the upcoming week. When you clear for the future, you help elevate the outcome. That is why when someone plans a trip, we begin clearing all elements as soon as we know there's a trip and continue to clear as often as possible to improve the outcome even further. 
With every clearing, the outcome is potentially improved because of lower energies being removed. Of course, when someone travels, as an example, we may also be including any fears or concerns the traveler may have because that would, of course, also impact the experience. We are always addressing limiting beliefs and fears that could impact any situation. 
I could get into greater details and more examples at another time, but I was inspired to share the variety of things we clear to give you an idea of how broad and beneficial clearing can be to the outcome and experience. 
The following gives you an idea of what we have cleared in sessions:
legal matters, events, marriage, divorce, new relationships, real estate, travel, family, money, emotional baggage, karma, ancestral programming, transactions, merger and acquisitions, employee issues, relationship issues, limited beliefs, blocks to specific outcomes, habits, health issues, past lives, tragedies, death, ancestral programming, your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies, chakras, meridians, hopes, patterns, programming, dreams and desires, gambling, contracts, your children, spouses, business, career, arguments, war, pain, suffering, anxiety, judgments, bank accounts, financial institutions, marketing, economy, resentment, challenges with receiving or manifesting, guilt, imbalances, negative memories, etc. 
You can clear anything and everything because it is all made up of energy and thought. Each time you clear the past, lower energies or negative memories, you elevate outcomes and experiences. When you clear the past, especially karma, you ascend quicker and easier. You deserve a life of ease, joy, love, peace and abundance. If you aren't experiencing that throughout all areas of life, there is something to clear. I hope that gives you some clarity on clearing
Wishing you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, 

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Express Success LLC  •  3616 Harden Blvd., #154  •  Lakeland, FL 33803
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