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Made in March
Multifunctional Vest
When the weather is still cold in March (which is always:-( , a nice warm vest comes really handy. And it looks like our little Amelia agrees.
Misti Alpaca made in Peru
50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon
Loyal made in New Zealand
100% Wool 
One of a Kind Design
Who am I kidding?
I am sure the design like this exists!
But I haven't seen such a cute
baby outfit anywhere
I decided to come up with something soft, warm and stretchy. Something that would go with both light baby clothes and
thick overalls.

No buttons
I didn't want any buttons, so instead, I crocheted two flowers and two big loops.

The flowers are also nice accessories to this vest.
The pattern is simple: Garter Stitch.
'I've got her back' 
I know that it will keep her back warm :-)

Pink ensemble
Along with the nice booties and the beautiful hat, this vest makes a great chilly weather ensemble.
Pink hat
This hat should be re- knitted.
It turned out to be too small
Easter Bunny Hat
Easter Bunny hat is almost ready.....
See the April Newsletter.

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