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Easter Bunny
April Eggsravaganza
Confession: all my previous Easter crafts were 'eggs-oriented.'
This year, it's about bunnies. But .... first was the egg ...  :-)))
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Eggs and Nests
April is Easter, bunnies, chickens, eggs and nests.  So, here we are, making and decorating nests!
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La Pascua
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Easter Crafts
April has always been the Easter crafts month. Not only knitting and crocheting but also paper, fabric and paint work. 
Blue, purple, yellow, red .....
color variations are endless.
    Salute to spring
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Easter Bunny
Amelia - our cutest little bunny :-))

She doesn't like to wear hats at all. This is a rare moment when the photo session was successful. 
Amelia is modelling a crocheted 'animal' hat handmade by me. The idea is borrowed from the internet.
Grey: Italian DUO comfort classic: 52% pura lana (wool) e 48% cotone (cotton) 
Pink: German Schachenmayr original: 50% baumwolle (cotton) und 50%Schurwolle (virgin wool).
Happy Easter!
Welcome, April ........ Be gorgeous. 

Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2

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