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My Sweet Valentine
Amelia ....

Our sweetest, cutest, the most adorable "Valentine" is the three-week young (!) Amelia.

Best Yarn
For these booties,
I picked the best yarn - Misti Alpaca:
50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 
10% Silk, 10% Nylon
Hand Paint Tone on Tone

Made in Peru
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Best Yarn
Another best pick was Loyal - 100% wool.
Made in New Zealand
I blended the Misti Alpaca and Loyal to make the booties' sole thicker.
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"High Booties" for Winter
These booties are warm and high.

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Valentine's Gift
Handmade booties are always a good gift for a newborn. It's my first baby knit. Definitely not the last one :-)

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Cute Hat
I thought a good match for the booties would be a cute headgear ... :-)
From the same yarn (Alpaca only), I made a "Valentine" baby hat, soft and warm.

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Cable Knit Hat
My favorite pattern has always been cables. 
This hat has a traditional cable stitch design. I made cables of different widths and a think edging.
Knitting cables is really easy.

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Cable Knit Hat
The whole thing is chunky and stylish...
... And truly Canadian!!

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February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day
Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2
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