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Malaprop's Monthly Letter to Readers

Celebrating National Poetry Month

by Emoke B'Racz

Spring has greened the view from the window where I sit and contemplate my good fortune of being alive and witnessing once again the power and blessing of Nature around me. Hope your experience of this spring is similar or even more empowering.


The many hues of green ...ahh, it is delightful like the words around the center of my being ever changing and echoing that Life is good and to be thankful.


The spring issue of the Asheville Poetry Review reminds me that April is the month of many surprises. My name on the back of APR is the first name listed and for some reason it touched my heart to see that. From the birth of my goddaughter's girl child named Tüzvirág in Budapest to the poets that sound the air with the joy of poetry—breathe it in and bloom—April is the national month of POETRY. The poetry events at Malaprop’s have been our blessing for the celebration of words charged with the love and desire for a better world.


Madness, Rack and Honey: Collected Lectures by Mary Ruefle inspired our WOW poetry group to write a poem based on one of her sentence fragments...and here is what I was inspired to write...






His life was fragmented

My life a (lesser) fragment

        Of a less volatile era

My vow is to live more in

the moment and stop

Pretending the moment is known

And knowing

Is of course the name of the game

Some say yes and no

Others turn their heads

Refuse to bleed for any cause

        For anyone else

        For their own good

Bleeding in a sense is good at times

Promise of new growth as spring time shows

Feeling the power of praying for each tree

        Each blade of grass

Some call forth endings

I call forth beginnings.



Opening up Mary Ruefle's book to any page I find inspiration and I am amazed by the mind and brilliance of the writer. I admire the ability to flow with the thoughts, the quotes and the poems she strings upon her lines in the collection.



Reading on poetry as a subject has given me many joyful moments. Keith Flynn's book Rhythm Method Razzmatazz and Memory and Molly Peacock’s Paper Garden join Ruefle’s book on favorite list of books about poetry. So much to learn, so much to remember and forget. As some smart man said (paraphrased) we have to forget in order to remember.




I have wondered how fiction writers and poets manage to write page after page of a good story, an epic that is really entertaining. How Alan Wolf tells a story in verse in Watch That Ends the Night or Lucretius in On the Nature of Things amazes me.



Khaled Husseini’s upcoming book And the Mountains Echoed (event on June 14) is breathtaking and unpredictable. I am really looking forward to his reading with us on June 14. I always enjoy hearing the voice behind the words. It is a gift like no other. Click here for tickets and information.



April is half gone and May brings us one of our favorite authors Gail Godwin. She has been writing in the northern woods a story of our area and our story, Flora and will present her work to us on May 19. Click for more information




Give us the chance to walk tall and read the best and most relevant stories from our storytelling talents. We are proud and honored to host our authors. Join us and be rewarded.

New Opportunity Makes for Big Excitement!!

by Laura Donohoe

I have been a bookseller at Malaprop's for just about three years now and have had the opportunity to be involved in many wonderful things. Recently, however, I was asked to join forces with bookseller extraordinaire and long time Children's Book Buyer, Caroline Green Christopolous, to help buy children's books for the store!!!  I am so excited and honored to be able to apprentice with Caroline and, hopefully, add a little something to the mix.  Currently, some of the new or forthcoming releases I am most excited about are:



Miss Maple's Seeds by Eliza Wheeler. This one is for the little ones. It was just released last week and is absolutely beautiful!  Fans of Miss Rumphius will love it - it would also make a lovely gift for any graduate or make a beautiful addition to your Earth day celebrations.


The Girl From Felony Bay by J.E. Thompson.  This middle grade reader is due out at the end of the month.  It is set in coastal South Carolina and any fan of Carl Hiaasen's books for younger readers will love it.  A great environmental mystery featuring two wonderful female main characters and lots of adventure!  We are thrilled to be hosting Mr. Thompson at a book signing on Saturday, May 18th, at 5pm as a part of our Children's Books Week festivities. Check our events calendar for more details and other great opportunities for fun with the kids during the month of May!!


The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.  Due out May 7th, this YA title is the first in a new series featuring a post-apocalyptic story line complete with aliens who need the earth because their planet has died. The female protagonist, Cassie, gives Katniss a run for her money and this book will be perfect for any fan of The Hunger Games!!


So come on by and say hello the next time you stop in and let's talk children's books!!!

Upcoming Events

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Elaine Neil Orr


Ann B. Ross



Therese Anne Fowler


Rhonda Riley


Jeff Chu


Gail Godwin



Edmund White


Khaled Hosseini


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