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Sow True Seed
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Plant a seed and watch it grow!



Enjoy a free packet of

sunflower seed with every order

now thru EARTH DAY    


In honor of spring, bountiful harvests, and the annual celebration of Mother Earth on Earth Day (April 22nd), we'd like to celebrate your commitment to sowing true seed -- and help get a few more seeds in the ground this spring! To thank you for your support this growing season, we are offering a free packet of Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower with every web or retail store purchase starting today thru Earth Day on Monday, April 22. 


Sow True Seed offers over 550 open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seed varieties, garlic and sweet potato slips, as well as seed collections, books, gift certificates, t-shirts, handmade porcelain mugs, and more. Visit our website, retail store or digital catalog for our full selection.



Sow True Seed Retail Store

146 Church Street

Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: (828) 254-0708


Monday - Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday: 10am – 3pm


Pre-Order Required - Reserve Your Sweet Potato Slips Now!

We currently have four delicious varieties of sweet potato slips available for pre-order. The slips will arrive in our seed warehouse in mid-late May and will be shipped out immediately.


Please note, because these are live plants and must be shipped quickly, you must reserve your slips ahead of time. Pre-order now for the best selection!



Beauregard: Delicious and reliable producer with fast maturing roots that have red-orange skin and orange flesh. Easy-to-grow with extremely high yields and little cracking. 12 slips = $12.00, 36 slips = $27.00, 50 slips = $32.50, 100 slips = $55.00, 500 slips = $125.00. 



O'Henry: HEIRLOOM Sweet white-skinned and white-fleshed variety that has a somewhat dryer texture, which means it soaks up more delicious butter when mashed and holds up well for sweet potato salad. 12 slips = $12.00, 36 slips = $27.00, 50 slips = $32.50, 100 slips = $55.00, 500 slips = $125.00. 


Organic Porto Rico: Easy-to-grow, compact, upright, bushy plants vine out less than other varieties. Produces copper-skinned roots with a deep orange, sweet flesh and old-fashioned flavor. Excellent for baking. 12 slips = $14.00, 36 slips = $31.00, 50 slips = $37.50, 100 slips = $65.00, 500 slips = $150.00



Organic All Purple: Exactly as named - purple skin and purple flesh. A less sweet alternative to more common orange sweet potatoes, these will add variety and interest in the kitchen with their unique color and flavor. Vigorous plant. 12 slips = $14.00, 36 slips = $31.00, 50 slips = $37.50, 100 slips = $65.00, 500 slips = $150.00


Early Spring Harvest

Many of you are now reaping the rewards of your early spring harvest with baskets full of crisp greens, lettuces and kales, along with earthy cool season root crops like radishes. While salads are certainly tasty, they aren't the only option for consuming your surplus of greens. Have you ever tried kale chips? Or, tried blending spinach and frozen bananas for a surprisingly delicious treat?


Check out our blog for some creative recipe suggestions so you can make the most of your spring harvest. 

Job Opportunity at Sow True Seed

Sow True Seed is hiring! We are currently seeking an office administrator to join the team. Click here for more information on the job posting and how to apply. No phone calls, please!


Heirloom Garden Collection

This heirloom collection features fourteen varieties that celebrate our unique and beautiful agricultural history. If you aren't familiar with these varieties, there's a good chance your grandparents might be!


This hand-packed collection contains: Kentucky Wonder Bush BeansChioggia BeetsOrganic Di Ciccio BroccoliRed Core Chantennay CarrotsRichmond Green Apple CucumberLacinato KaleOrganic Black Seeded Simpson LettuceHill Country Red OkraOrganic China Rose RadishBloomsdale Long Standing SpinachOrganic Bennings Green Tint Summer SquashCandy Roaster Melon Winter SquashOrganic Cherokee Purple Tomato and Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon.

Find Our Seed Racks

Find your neighborhood Sow True Seed rack by visiting our website. Our seed is sold in stores throughout North Carolina and the Southeast, and now you can even find our seed in Alaska!


Asparagus Crowns, Spring Plant Starts, Onions Transplants, Seed Potatoes




Mary Washington asparagus crowns are a strong growing variety that produces long, thick spears in May and June. Rust resistant, vigorous, sweet, tender and succulent. Asparagus grown from crowns typically take 1-2 years to reach production. Perennial. Asparagus crowns can be purchased via our website, by phone at (828) 254-0708, or at our retail store, but orders must be picked up in-store only, no shipping. Price is $15 per 10 crowns.





Stock up for your garden with early spring transplants, all varieties are $3.95 per 4-pack and available at our retail store. We will only have early season varieties available for one more week, so come on by for swiss chard, cabbages, kales, lettuces, bunching onions, and more.





Bulb Onion planting season is almost over so be sure to get them while they last! We have eco-grown Texas Early Grano, Red Creole and Mixed Bundles available. 25 plants for $6.95. Come by and see us!




If you haven't already gotten your tubers in the ground, now is the time to plant seed potatoes! We have four scrumptious varieties of potatoes still available: Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Organic Swedish Peanut Fingerling and Yukon Gold.


Visit our website to order, stop by our retail store at 146 Church Street or order by phone at (828) 254-0708.

Groundswell International and Sow True Seed

This planting season, Sow True Seed is excited to partner with Groundswell International to share healthy seeds and support local seed systems. Groundswell is a non-profit organization that works in partnership, locally and globally, to strengthen rural communities to build healthy farming and local food systems from the bottom up.


Over the next several weeks, Groundswell’s goal is to share open-pollinated, GMO-free seeds with 1,000 families across the United States so that in turn Groundswell can support a growing number of rural communities around the world. 


Beyond partnering with organizations in the United States, Groundswell also works with local organizations in Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Mali to spread ecological farming practices, promote farmer-led innovation and farmer-to-farmer learning, and rebuild local food systems. If you are interested in receiving seeds from Groundswell or to learn more about how they are working to build healthy, local seed and food systems, please click here to learn more.



Sow True Seed • 146 Church Street • Asheville, NC 28801
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